Biophilic Design: Healing Through Nature

Have you heard about the architecture of life? Biophilic design, an emerging trend in architecture, implies a new way of designing our daily architecture through the inclusion of nature into our urban environment with the aim of reducing stress, enhancing creativity, improving well-being and expediting healing. 

Biophilic design is based on the idea that humans have an inherent need to connect with nature and because of it, we need living and working spaces that coexist with nature. This new green architecture reduces the degradation of the environment, improves our connection to the natural world and increases the sustainable development of our cities and suburbs.  

This innovative new way of designing is having an incredible performance in a vital sector for humanity: healthcare. We are witnessing the creation and expansion of hospitals that seek to heal through nature and create healthy habitats using biophilic design. One great example is the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Singapore, which has included waterfalls, rooftop gardens and planter boxes into its facilities.  

This healing environment requires maintenance, and to do so, hospitals like those in Singapore have committed to this new design trend by using neem oil to maintain their natural resources. Spraying neem oil into these green-healing facilities is allowing the hospitals to guarantee the health and care of nature, patients and workers by using an organic and non-toxic alternative. Neem oil is the right choice to use as biological pest control into these facilities due to its effectiveness against insects such as whiteflies, mites, fungus gnats, etc. and its organic origins.  

Neem has now a new role in green architecture: guarantee the health and care of the plants and nature incorporated into biophilic design. The biophilic healthcare industry is relying now on neem as its trusted biological pest control; the use of neem will expand across other biophilic industries such as hospitality and working and living spaces as benefits are seen.  Together, people and nature will continue to create healing spaces where patients are feeling relaxed and gaining health benefits through biophilic design.