Fight Aging with Neem

Ayurveda provides many highly regarded beauty ingredients, tips, and practices to keep the body healthy, centered, and young. Among these classic ingredients, such as turmeric, rose, ginger, and lemon, resides neem.

Typically, neem is used to purify and invigorate the body as well as soothe skin. A powerful agent in protecting skin, which is frequently damaged by processed foods, polluted air, and stress, neem is the way to stay healthy, radiant, and smooth!

How can this be done? Neem has many different properties that work in conjunction to keep your skin pure. Not only does neem contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, but it also works to naturally smooth your skin, ridding it of wrinkles and skin-damaging free radicals. By using neem, you provide your body with the tools to fight the outward appearance of aging. When consuming neem, you balance the microorganisms found in your gut – an environment that directly reflects on your skin and mood – as well as boosting liver metabolism, eliminating impurities, and providing your body with the antioxidants it needs to fight cancer!

How can you use neem as a tool to combat aging? Through face masks, washing with neem-infused water, massaging neem oil into your skin, and consuming neem in teas, chutneys, and even stir-fried with vegetables! By keeping your body centered and applying healthy, natural products like neem, you can fight the threats of aging on your skin, leaving you feeling confident and refreshed every single day!