Are you Eating Poison?

Your favorite fruit could be poisonous!

The Environmental Working Group found that strawberries, one of the most consumed fruits in the world, contain alarming levels of synthetic pesticide residues. Evidence of an average 7.7 different synthetic pesticides was found the strawberries studied after being rinsed and washed!

This comes as no surprise when you consider that strawberry farmers use at least at least 74 different pesticides in various combinations. Noxious synthetic pesticides such as Carbendazim, Bifenthrin and Malathion were found in the strawberry samples. All of these synthetic pesticides are linked to serious diseases.

What is even more disturbing is that strawberries are not the only food grown with dangerous levels of synthetic pesticides! The so called “Dirty Dozen” are heavily contaminated. Among them are potatoes, apples, spinach, peaches, and tomatoes.

Demand change, start consuming organic food made with safe, natural products like neem! Neem is non-toxic to humans and can effectively manage pests while keeping beneficials such as pollinators safe..  Stop consuming noxious synthetic pesticides and start supporting food produced with neem!