Water Scarcity


Water scarcity is an issue that threatens life itself, causing thirst, food shortages, displacement, and disease. More than 4 billion people worldwide are at risk of drought and half a billion already face severe water scarcity year round.

When water is hard to find, sub prime, or heavily contaminated water, is the only alternative. Two billion people worldwide use contaminated water as their main source of hydration, leading to the proliferation of lethal diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, and typhoid. Every year, over 4 million children are infected by water-borne infections.

Agriculture has increasingly contaminated the water supply in the United States, with 96% of all nitrate contamination coming from the agricultural sector. This is due to the leakage of nitrates into the ground water from use of synthetic pesticides.

The good news is that natural, organic, and ecological practices in agriculture, like neem, are paving the way towards a new and higher standard for water use and protection.