Many Benefits of Organic

There are many benefits to eating organic, among them a lower ecological impact, safer methods for beneficial animals and insects, like pollinators and birds, and, of course, higher health benefits. We will go through a few of the amazing benefits that eating clean, safe, sustainably-produced organic food can bring you. Best of all, organic farming with neem brings even more health and environmental benefits.

There are fewer pesticides and heavy metals.
Since organic food is grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, there are safer, natural substances that do not degrade the land or contaminate your food. Instead of risking prolonged exposure of synthetic pesticide residue, which can cause cancer, developmental delays, and even contribute to ADHD levels and reduced sperm quality. They are also almost half as likely to contain toxic heavy metals.

Organic foods contain healthy fats.
In a 2016 study in the British Journal of Nutrition, organic milk and meat had 50% more omega-3 fatty acids and lower levels of saturated fats, increasing its nutritional value and lowering the consumer’s risk of heart disease.

There are no added antibiotics or growth hormones used.
One of the biggest culprits of the increased global risk of antibiotic resistance comes from antibiotic use in livestock. Antibiotics and growth hormones are not allowed for use in organic livestock and poultry, reducing the likelihood that these synthetic products are introduced into the consumer, thus lowering the threat of antibiotic resistance.

In many instances, organic produce contains higher antioxidant levels.
In a recent long-term study, researchers found that organic onions had higher antioxidant levels than conventional ones, leading the researchers to comment that antioxidant levels can vary with the weather, raising the question that organic crops need to be studied for longer time periods as they can be easily influenced from one season to the next.

Neem-based products in agriculture is the best way to produce healthy, nutritious, sustainable food. Neem has been shown to increase nutrition levels in food, organic matter in soil, and is non-toxic to humans, but still washing off in water, leaving behind no residues nor risks for the environment or your health!