Act on Climate with Organics

After the controversial article published by David Wallace-Wells in the New York Magazine in early July, people have questioned the effectiveness of using scare tactics. One of the biggest controversies was the harrowing nature of the report. Is this an effective way to motive action? Or does it simply fatigue and paralyze people into indifference?

Instead of being rendered indifferent by bleak information relating to worst-case scenarios, we must begin to effectively motivate ourselves and make sure that these situations, whether in 50, 100, or 300 years, never happen. Maybe it is time that fear, emotion and most importantly, positive reinforcement, are included in the rational discussions about climate change. Some people may need rationality, while others may need fear, to understand and act on behalf of Planet Earth. Everyone can be inspired by the prospect of a clean and sustainable future, where natural beauty, vibrancy and health have returned to the world. Instead of describing tales of flooded cities, inhabitable deserts, and forced mass climate migration, some people may be motivated by visions of clean water for everyone, the elimination of polluted air in big cities, and healthy, sustainable food systems free of chemical pesticides. What is an easy way to start saving the planet? Begin to buy local, organic food and learn more about the harmful effects of conventional agriculture.

By utilizing sustainable, organic systems in agriculture, you can help protect the environment while strengthening health for you and your family. Sustainable systems are more efficient at absorbing carbon, support beneficial insects and organisms, and produce healthier food without poisoning the air, water, and soil with poisonous synthetic chemicals. Neem-based pesticides and fertilizers go hand-in-hand with these organic systems, as they promote healthy soil, more nutritious food, and protect crops from pests naturally. The planet is your home, and it is your responsibility to keep it safe, for you and for future generations.